Say goodbye to manual cropping
- let the Marketing PRO Slicer
do the work for you! 

Slicing graphics is an essential step in implementing
digital touchpoints in a marketing campaign.
Enhance the performance and appearance of your
promotional page and emails that are included in the
campaign. You can do it easily, with Marketing Pro Slicer.

While slicing graphics requires a little effort upfront, improved performance, deliver ability, and user experience make it
valuable when preparing images for campaigns on platforms like WordPress & Mailchimp.

The Marketing PRO Slicer is a super easy tool to slice the graphics in Campaign Sets. Upload the Primary Piece and
Emails one at a time. Select and slice multiple areas of the graphic at once in any way you need!

Watch this short demonstration video to see
how easy it is to use the Marketing PRO Slicer:

Let's get slicing!

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